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Here's what some of our clients have to say...

"Graves Landscape and Design is a fantastic company and would recommend them to everyone. We scheduled a job with Wesley a few years ago and he did a fantastic job updating our flowerbeds. He is extremely kind, responsive, attentive, and helped us make our flowerbeds the best they could be.

I use Graves Landscape every year to clean up and update the beds. Highly recommend!!!"


"In the past, landscapers simply asked "What do you like?". That's a pretty tough question when you're starting with literally nothing. So they would make a few 'verbal suggestions' and then plant whatever they wanted where they wanted to plant it with an "okay" result. But when we moved, we were again starting with nothing, we called Wes and he took the time to elaborately hand draw a pretty amazing landscape design. When he showed us his ideas on paper, we were amazed at the vision he had. He even took us to the nursery to show us what each plant was to ensure we were happy with what we would be getting. The best part was seeing it come to life! Wes and his crew worked so hard on our installation and our home looks 100% better with the beautiful landscaping designed and installed by this awesome company!"

Codi B.

"Wesley Graves and his crew did a fantastic job making my back yard presentable.

After a painful 6 month pool build, followed by 3 rounds of paver repairs within a year and a half, my yard looked incomplete with multiple bald spots and visible gaps between the pavers around my pool. My dog also took the opportunity to dig holes in every patch of visible dirt, which made the appearance much more hideous.

After much searching, I stumbled across ‘Graves Landscape & Outdoor Living’. I requested a walk-through/estimate, and all was smooth sailing from there. I was hesitant to proceed in the beginning due to the low number of reviews and very reasonable estimate (which I’ve only thought once before about a contract job), but Wesley was more than happy to provide references to ease my concern.

The crew filled holes, laid sod, and set a nice boarder with gravel to complement my pavers, making my yard look complete at last. I will also add that Wesley has a good eye for detail, so he will ensure any imperfections are addressed before the job is considered complete."

Thank you, Wesley! 


"Over 30 years ago, on a road trip into the interior of Mexico, I fell in love with fountains. I finally got one and Wesley Graves designed a gorgeous design around it! I love listening to the water splashing and looking at the new courtyard landscaping. Great experience, quality design and implementation. Even when it's wet and dreary outside, I love my new backyard. Thank you, Wesley!"

Kim W.

"Wesley did a fantastic job with designing my backyard landscaping. He gave me the beautiful backyard Oasis I wanted. He is quick to respond and takes great pride in his designs and work."

Maria G.

Wesley Graves' years of experience showed up in every aspect of my backyard landscaping project. He showed up the day after I called. He quickly understood my landscaping vision of lighting, need for decorative fencing and the type plants that would be beautiful year round. Within the week, his team had completed the job. The clean up afterwards was impeccable. Now, my backyard is gorgeous!"

Elisabeth S.

"Really good experience overall. Wes came out quickly, was helpful in answering questions, and very professional. The work was also scheduled and finished very fast. Will definitely use again for future projects."

Jordan H.


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